What People Said About Dance Dynamics?

"I'm thrilled to be saying these guys are the best and most motivated in the business- you will come away winners, you won't even notice you’re working out, because with dance , music and their special brand of motivation you will have just the best fun. The best way to get fit and stay healthy is to have a lot of fun"

Kate Ceberano / Australian Singer

"I have always been the bigger kid and up to starting with Dance Dynamics was extremely over weight. In my mind I’m not a big person . To me, I look like everyone else. When I look in the mirror, try going for a jog or go shopping for clothes I am rudely reminded of my size. I wanted to be more confident, I wanted to be happy and healthy. So why Dance Dynamics? I love Music, I work in theatre and rhythm is my life, so why not let it help me get fit and healthy. Now 14 kgs lighter in only 6 weeks. It’s the beginning of my NEW body, NEW confidence NEW heath NEW life"

Michael Brasser

"I can’t stop smiling! - Since doing Dance Dynamics classes in late 2010 l have lost 13kgs and now back to the weight l was when 18 years of age. I never thought it possible!!
Dance Dynamics has been a real revelation. Not only have l lost weight, l am more toned and fitter than ever before. The 6 week weight loss challenge came at the most appropriate time for me, returning from an overseas vacation and a tad heavier it gave me the incentive and motivation to lose those extra kilos and also reintroduced a healthier diet.
Music and dance has always been very uplifting for me, l lead a busy lifestyle and have experienced some difficult times. It has become a release and an escape. l come home feeling physically and mentally happier. A very healthy way to be!
To me dance and fitness is food for the soul. And l am smiling! Thank you Dance Dynamics!"

Rita Perruzza

"My fiancée and I watched the movie Step-up 3D recently and got inspired to take hip-hop dance classes. Hence, we stumbled across dance dynamics and signed up for the trial classes. After one class, both of us were hooked. Now we try every different style of dance, dance dynamics has to offer. It’s fun, we get to spend time together and we get fit as well without having to spend boring hours on a treadmill :) And it doesn't matter what level of dancer you are because they teach for all levels with no judgement! I definitely highly recommend dance dynamics to everyone"

Mandira Hiremath